EU support

Description of the project No 07.1.1-CPVA-K-306-04-0004 "Modernisation and extension of the infrastructure of the Šiauliai City Concert Institution "Saulė", adapting it to public needs", co-financed by the European Union Structural Funds.

The main problem of the project promoter is the inadequate cultural infrastructure that does not meet the needs of the modern society - it does not ensure the diversity of organised cultural events and the quality of provided cultural services, and the potential of the activities is not used. At present, the institution can only organise cultural events on a limited scale. The adaptation of the former cinema into a concert venue has not solved the need for performance and dressing rooms and rehearsal facilities, the depth of the stage in the concert hall is not suitable for symphony orchestra performances, and it is not possible to stage ballet and opera performances (there are no backstage areas at all), which makes it impossible to accommodate these theatre companies. For modern performances, the institution lacks stationary lighting and sound equipment. The air-conditioning is also poor, and the conditions for the institution's professional ensembles are poor: there is no studio or room on the premises for their rehearsals, storage, maintenance or repair of instruments.

The project will reconstruct the concert venue, creating a high-quality environment for events. The extension will enlarge the stage, provide rehearsal rooms for art groups, grill rooms, support rooms, a conference room, and the necessary sound and lighting equipment and furniture for cultural services. The implementation of the planned activities will lead to the organisation of new events and the expansion of existing events. The project will create a high quality and accessible cultural infrastructure that meets the needs of modern society and will encourage additional visitor flows.

The project will directly benefit the residents of Šiauliai City and District Municipality, as well as regional, national and international visitors and participants of cultural events.
EUR 1.719 million from the European Regional Development Fund has been allocated for the modernisation of the Šiauliai City Concert Institution "Saulė". The remaining EUR 1.789 million will be provided by Šiauliai City Municipality.

The project implementation date is October 2023.