Šiauliai City Concert Institution "Saulė" organises the creation and public performance of professional performing arts (concerts and literature, art programmes).

Objectives of the activity:

  • to foster, create and develop the culture and traditions of professional music, to perform classical and contemporary works by Lithuanian and foreign composers, to convey the values of world musical culture in Lithuania and abroad;
  • to enable young and renowned Lithuanian and world music performers and ensembles to participate in the creative activities of the Concert Centre;
  • to educate, shape and satisfy the public demand for musical culture.

In pursuit of these objectives, the Concert Institution performs the following functions:

  • organising the creation and public performance of professional performing arts (concerts, festivals, competitions, other arts programmes);
  • independently plan and organise concerts and tours in Lithuania and abroad, and organise the presentation of foreign professional performing arts to the public;
  • participates in city, national and international events and programmes, represents the city and Lithuania in cultural exchange programmes;
  • independently compose the repertoire;
  • informs the public about publicly performed arts programmes by producing posters and other promotional material;
  • educational programmes;
  • running and organising non-formal education programmes for children.